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This course has been professionally formulated to impart fundamental skills that enable students, freelancers, and other professionals to effortlessly compose content that aligns with the demands of businesses or organisations.

The curriculum of this comprehensive course encompasses the essentials of content creation and the requisite writing skills for initiating content production for any website. To ensure students grasp the rationale behind its effectiveness and the methodology for generating such material, we’ve incorporated detailed guidelines outlining the procedures in crafting web content

Ideal for beginners or those seeking a refresher on content writing basics, this course promises an enhancement in your writing skills. By participating in this programme, you’ll learn the art of articulating your thoughts through clear and captivating sentences, elevating the overall quality of your writing. Particularly advantageous for blog owners with limited article-writing experience, the training instils confidence in effectively conveying information through both written and oral means.

By amalgamating theoretical concepts, practical hands-on activities, and real-life examples, you will uncover the art of creating captivating content across various platforms and effectively connecting with your intended audience.


  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Comprehension of grammar principles
  • Adeptness with fundamental digital tools (word processors, online research, etc.)

What you'll learn

Upon completing this course, you will acquire the following skills:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of content writing.
  • Develop an insight into various content formats, including blogs, social media posts, and web content.
  • Comprehend the art of customised writing for diverse audiences.
  • Attain a foundational understanding of SEO and its application in content writing.
  • Learn the initiation steps for freelancing on various platforms and start earning.

  • Workshop
    Who are you? How will this course help you?
    What is Content Writing?
    What does a Content Writer do?
    Fundamentals of Effective Content Writing
    Importance and role of content in the market, especially digital marketing
    Understanding the target audience and content objectives
    Tailoring content to meet audience needs and preferences
    Differentiating between various content formats
    Conducting research to enhance content quality & citing sources
    Structure of Informational Blog
    Structure of Commercial Blog
    Must Have tools for content writers for improving Grammar and spell-check
    Basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) for content
    Enhancing overall readability
    How to write SEO optimised web copy.
    How and why understancing entities can improve your website and rankings
    How and why Schema can improve your website
    How to audit and optimise your website content using a topic based approach
    How to spot trending topics and ideas to create now content
  • Bonus
    Where To Provide Content Writing Services
    Steps To Start Your Own Blog
  • Assignment
    Writing Informational Article From Scratch
    Make it SEO optimised and increase its readability

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