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Hamza Bin Shahid

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Importance of Spoken English

Global Communication

English is a widely spoken language worldwide. Your proficiency in this language makes your travelling easier and more enjoyable for you. Besides that, your better English understanding allows you to access various cultural content, including:

  • Movies
  • Music, and
  • Literature

Professional Advancement

Companies and recruiters prefer candidates who can speak English fluently. Therefore, your English communication skills lead you to promotions and career progress. On the other hand, English is the common language used in international business. So, it helps you connect with international professionals.

Academic Benefits

All international academic institutes now require English proficiency. Besides that, most academic resources like journals and books, are available in English. Therefore, a good English communicator can study abroad in English-speaking countries.

Personal Development

It is fact that speaking English fluently boosts your self-confidence. You can connect with multicultural people and make them friends if your spoken English is good. Moreover, learning a new language boosts your cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Features of a Spoken English Course in Lahore

House of Learning offers remarkable spoken English course in Lahore. Let’s explore the distinct features of this amazing language course.

Qualified English Instructors

This spoken English course is taught by experienced English teachers. Instructors at House of Learning often hold certifications like TEFL or CELTA.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Tutors emphasise grammar and vocabulary for a foundation in English. They emphasise correct pronunciation and neutralizing local accents. They conduct practical exercise sessions to improve listening and speaking skills.

Interactive Learning

Instructors discuss various topics to enhance speaking skills. They simulate real-life situations to practice conversational English. The language trainers engage you in activities to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Technological Integration

Trainers use videos and audio clips to aid learning. Moreover, they use interactive software as well to facilitate the learning process.

Personalised Attention

House of Learning maintains a limited number of students per class to ensure individual attention. Tutors assess you regularly and deliver their feedback to monitor your improvement.

That’s How House of Learning Maximizes Your Spoken English Learning

Instructors from House of Learning guide you improving your spoken English. They’ll share some of the practical tips to improve your English proficiency.

Practice Regularly

Trainers engage you in English conversations daily. Therefore, they pair you up with a language partner for mutual practice.

Use Technology

English tutors will suggest you use apps like Duolingo or Babbel for extra practice. They’ll also encourage you to watch English movies and documentaries. Besides that, TV shows and YouTube channels are also great sources to improve your language skills.

You can utilize online resources like

  • Podcasts
  • Blogs, and
  • E-books to practise and improve your language.

Stay Motivated

English trainers set specific and achievable goals for your language learning journey. They acknowledge and celebrate your progress, no matter how small it is. Moreover, they maintain a positive attitude and stay persistent, even when it gets challenging.

Spoken English is a crucial skill that impacts various aspects of your life. It influences your professional growth and academic success. Your English proficiency is also helpful in your personal development. A number of institutes are offering language courses in Lahore. House of Learning stands prominent among them. Deriving its roots from a UK-based institute, House of Learning offers you a state-of-the-art English learning experience. You can achieve fluency and confidence by choosing the right spoken English course in Lahore.

About the instructor


Hamza Bin Shahid

Ielts Expert
  • (4+ rating)
  • 32 lectures
  • 2 Month

Hamza Bin Shahid brings a wealth of experience and a strong academic background to his teaching as an IELTS instructor. He guides his students towards their goals with a deep understanding of the IELTS exam. He is simply passionate to see his students excel in this exam. His practical approach makes him a valuable mentor for anyone aspiring to achieve high scores in the IELTS exam. Equipped with extensive knowledge of the exam format and requirements, Hamza understands his professional responsibilities quite well!

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32 lectures
2 Month

 Monday to Thursday

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Note: The specific topics covered in each lecture may vary based on the instructor's teaching style and the pace of the course. The above outline provides a general overview of the content that can be covered in the 13 lectures of the course.