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Create Visual Stories with Graphic Designing Course in Lahore

Have you ever been caught in the mesmerising swirl of your own creativity, whether it’s sketching wild ideas in your notebook or visualising a world of artistic wonders waiting to burst onto a digital canvas? The time has changed now. You must be thinking about how to digitalise your skills, dreams, and aspirations and transform your doodles into dynamic digital realities. Guess what? We at the House of Learning in Lahore are here to shape your dreams and visualisations into realities. Supplemented with veteran staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest curriculum, we at the HOL are not just educators; we’re the enablers of your artistic journey. Don’t take much time to plunge into a world of endless possibilities with our graphic designing course in Lahore.

Why Graphic Designing Matters More Than Ever

Hey graphic designing freaks! You already know why graphic designing isn’t just about pretty pictures and stylish fonts; it’s about making a statement and telling a story. Let’s probe more and find out why graphic designing really matters in the domain of digital creativity.

  • Visual Appeal Reigns Supreme: In a world where attention spans are shorter than a tweet, captivating visuals are the secret sauce to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Brand Identity Magic: Design isn’t just about creating visuals; it’s about crafting a brand’s image and personality, making it memorable, and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Communication Guru: Graphics can convey complex messages in a snap, making them the go-to medium for effective communication.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Graphic designing is your playground. It’s where your imagination meets the digital canvas, and there are no limits to what you can create. Start fascinating the world!

What's Brewing in Our Graphic Designing Course?

The Graphic Designing Course in Lahore, offered by the House of Learning, is your gateway to the world of pixels, vectors, and artistic wonders. Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll be covering after getting enrolled in this course:

  • Adobe Suite Proficiency: You can master industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign like a pro.
  • Design Fundamentals: You’ll get a chance to understand the core principles of design, including colour theory, typography, and layout.
  • Digital Artistry: Through this course, you can turn your ideas into digital masterpieces with hands-on projects and guided creativity.
  • Branding Brilliance: You may create and maintain brand identities that stand the test of time.
  • UI/UX Design: You’ll be able to craft user-friendly interfaces and seamless experiences that users adore..
  • Portfolio Power: Our graphic designing course will enable you to build a stunning portfolio that showcases your talent to potential clients and employers.
  • Real-World Projects: HOL puts your skills to the test with projects that mimic real industry scenarios.

Why Choose House of Learning?

You may ask why I should choose the House of Learning since there exist various institutes in your vicinity which are offering graphic designing short courses in Lahore. We’re not just an institute; we’re your creative partners on this graphic journey. Here’s why we’re your one-stop destination:

  • Professional & Skilled Faculty: The House of Learning has hired industry pros with an eye for design and a passion for teaching and training.
  • Flexible Learning: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, our graphic designing course in Lahore has been outlined to cater to your unique artistic needs and skill levels.
  • Practical Experience: Digital learning is not just about theory; it’s about application. Dig deep into real-world projects and sharpen your graphic designing skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: HOL offers you multiple opportunities to connect with fellow creatives, helps you build your professional network, and maybe even find your next creative partner.
  • Excellence Within Your Means: Quality education doesn’t have to break the bank. Our graphic design course comes with competitive pricing so that everyone can access top-notch learning.
  • Certifications For Variety of Professions: Certifications are available from HOL in a wide variety of areas, such as web design, web development, graphic design, pay-per-click advertising, Pearson Test of English (PTE), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), robotics, cybersecurity, WordPress, and more. The House of Learning's overarching goal is to equip the brilliant young people of Lahore with the wide range of cyber skills necessary for success in the opulent cybernated world of this century.
Kickstart Your Creative Journey with Our Graphic Designing Course in Lahore!

At House of Learning, we’re not like conventional educators; we’re all about igniting that creative spark within you. We believe in nurturing the artistic souls, those who find beauty in every pixel and purpose in every stroke. Our graphic designing course in Lahore is not just a course; it's your ticket to unlocking the magic of digital design. So, are you ready to embrace your inner artist, captivate the digital world, and craft visuals that tell stories? Don’t lose this opportunity and join the House of Learning today and begin your journey towards creative greatness.

    Week 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1
    Introduction to Graphic Designing
    Understanding Graphic Design and its significance in various industries
    Understanding Graphic Design and its significance in various industries
    Principles of Design: Balance, Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity
    An Overview of different types of graphic designers and their roles in the industry
    Introduction to software used in graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Week 2: Intermediate techniques

  • Lecture 2
    Getting Started
    Introduction to Photoshop and its interface
    Class 2: Getting Started Understanding the tools and panels
    Creating a new document and navigating through the workspace.
    Basic keyboard shortcuts for an efficient workflow
  • Lecture 3
    Working with Layers and Selections
    Understanding layers and their importance
    Managing layers: create, delete, rename, and arrange
    Selection tools: Marquee, Lasso, and Magic Wand
    Refining selections and using Quick Mask mode
  • Lecture 4
    Image Editing Fundamentals
    Essential image adjustments: brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation
    Understanding resolution and resizing images
    Introduction to retouching tools: Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, and Spot Healing Brush
    Task: Edit a portrait photo and perform basic retouching.
  • Lecture 5
    Working with Text and Typography
    Adding text to an image and formatting options
    Creating text effects with layer styles
    Introduction to typography principles and best practises
    Task: Design a simple quote graphic with text and background.
    Understanding Color and Color Correction
    The importance of colour modes (RGB vs. CMYK)
    Color adjustments: Levels, Curves, and Colour Balance
    Using Adjustment Layers for non-destructive editing
    Task: Correct the colour of a photo and apply creative colour effects.
  • Lecture 6
    Introduction to Masks and Photo Compositing
    Understanding Masks and their Applications
    Using layer masks and clipping masks
    Basics of photo compositing and combining images
    Task: Create a surreal composite by blending multiple images.
  • Week 3: Advanced Photo Editing Techniques

  • Lecture 7
    Advanced Selections and Masking
    Refining selections with the Pen Tool and Select Subject
    Working with alpha channels for complex selections
    Advanced masking techniques for hair and fur
    Task: Remove the background from a complex image and place it in a new environment.
  • Lecture 8
    Photo Retouching and Restoration
    Advanced retouching techniques for professional results
    Repairing old and damaged photographs
    Creating realistic skin retouching with frequency separation .
    Task: Restore an old photograph and perform high-end portrait retouching. .
  • Lecture 9
    Flyer Design
    Understanding the principles of effective flyer design
    Utilising shapes, icons, and typography to create attention-grabbing flyers
    Incorporating images and using blending modes for visual impact
    Task: Design a captivating flyer for a fictional event or product promotion.
  • Week 4: Social Media Design and Special Effects

  • Lecture 10
    Social Media Graphics
    Overview of popular social media platforms and their image requirements
    Designing banners, profile pictures, and posts
    Creating animated GIFs for social media engagement
    Task: Design a set of social media graphics for a brand or personal account.
  • Lecture 11
    Advanced Photo Manipulation
    Incorporating 3D elements into 2D images
    Applying photo effects and filters for creative results
    Utilising Displacement Maps for realistic image distortion
    Task: Create an imaginative photo manipulation using advanced techniques.
  • Lecture 12
    Special Effects and Filters
    Exploring artistic filters and their applications
    Creating custom brushes and patterns for unique designs
    Designing abstract art with the Render and Lighting effects
    Task: Design an abstract artwork using filters and special effects.
  • Week 5: Introduction to Illustrator

  • Lecture 13
    Introduction to Adobe Illustrator: Interface and Tools.
    Understanding vector graphics and their advantages.
    Navigating the workspace: Panels, Artboards, and Layers.
    Creating basic shapes and using the Pen tool.
  • Lecture 14
    Working with colours and gradients.
    Managing and editing paths.
    Using the Shape Builder and Pathfinder tools.
    Introduction to Typography: working with text.
  • Lecture 15
    Transforming objects - scaling, rotating, and reflecting.
    Introduction to drawing and editing curves.
    Applying strokes and brushes.
    Saving and exporting artwork.
  • Week 6: Intermediate Illustrator Skills

  • Lecture 16
    Working with layers and organising artwork.
    Using the Appearance panel for advanced effects.
    Creating and editing custom patterns.
    Introduction to tracing and image tracing.
  • Lecture 16
    Working with layers and organising artwork.
    Using the Appearance panel for advanced effects.
    Creating and editing custom patterns.
    Introduction to tracing and image tracing.
  • Lecture 17
    Creating complex shapes using the Blob Brush tool.
    Understanding the Live Paint Bucket tool.
    Introduction to the Mesh tool for realistic shading.
    Designing a simple poster or flyer.
  • Lecture 18
    Working with symbols and the Symbol Sprayer tool.
    Introduction to using gradients for shading.
    Designing a basic vector character or icon.
    Finalising and presenting your projects.
  • Week 7: Logo Design and Branding

  • Lecture 19
    Understanding the principles of logo design.
    Conducting research and creating mood boards.
    Sketching logo ideas on paper.
    Transforming sketches into vector artwork.
  • Lecture 20
    Using the Pathfinder and Shape Builder tools for logo design.
    Incorporating typography into logos.
    Creating variations of a logo (colour, size, orientation).
    Presenting and refining logo concepts.
  • Lecture 21
    Introduction to branding and its significance.
    Designing business cards and stationery.
    Applying the logo and branding elements to mockups.
    Creating a brand guidelines document.
  • Week 8: Practical Designs (Ps + Ai)

  • Lecture 22
    In this whole week we will practise big projects including Flyers.
  • Lecture 23
    In this whole week we will practise big projects including Business cards.
  • Lecture 24
    In this whole week we will practise big projects including Book designing.

About the instructor


Kamal Subhani

Professional Graphic Designer
  • 5 (30+ rating)
  • 24 lectures
  • 2 Month

I'm Mirza Ahsan, and I love making things look super cool! I've been exploring the world of graphic design for over 5 years now, and let me tell you, it's been a really exciting journey full of colours.

Do you know those fancy computer programmes designers use to create awesome stuff? I'm good at using Adobe tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, and After Effects. I've used these tools so much that I can control them easily.

But wait, it's not just about me and my computer skills. I've had the chance to work with big and important companies from all over the world. We've developed designs that make people say, "Wow!" which feels really good.

Do you know what's even more awesome? I don't believe in boring lectures and dull tutorials. No way! I like to make learning graphic design really fun. So, if you'll learn with me for the next couple of months, prepare for some seriously enjoyable design lessons. Let's jump into this creative world together and make these two months something you'll always remember.

(5+ rating)
24 lectures
2 Month

 Monday to Friday

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Note: The projects may vary according to the learning curve of the participants