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Make Learning Fun with Scratch Programming Course in Lahore

So, guys! Are you ready to join an exciting realm of coding just at the heart of the bustling city of Lahore, where creativity definitely meets technology? Why should you browse further, then? House of Learning, the leading destination, is just there to teach you scratch programming. In this short but mind-altering note, we’ll take you on a whimsical tour of scratch programming, unravelling its wonders and highlighting why our institute is your ultimate gateway to mastering this delightful coding language. Let’s get into it! But before that, it’s better to know what scratch programming really is.

What is Scratch Programming?

Scratch Programming is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of the coding world - a place where dreams come to life and imagination is the only limit. Developed by the scholarly minds at HOL, Scratch is a visual programming language that lets you create interactive stories, games, and animations by simply snapping together some colourful code blocks. There is no need to be a coding expert; our Scratch Programming course in Lahore has been designed for everyone, from curious kids to aspiring adults.

The Magic of Scratch: Why Should You Learn It?

Scratch is all about making coding accessible to everyone. It’s like speaking a language without the jargon that computers understand. Moreover, visual blocks replace complex syntax, making it perfect for beginners. After completing this course, anyone can create magic with just a few clicks and drags!

  • It’s the Best Time to Unleash Your Inner Artist: Who says coding is all about numbers and algorithms? In Scratch, you can paint with code and design your own scenes and backgrounds, bringing your stories and games to life with a splash of your creative brilliance.
  • Adventure Awaits with Animation: Through scratch programming, you can animate characters, make them dance, and add sound effects – all with the snap of a block. It’s like directing your own animated blockbuster, where you’re the director, scriptwriter, and animator!
  • Problem-Solving in Play Mode: Scratch programming is more than just coding; it’s about problem-solving and critical thinking. If you encounter a bug, debug it like a detective in your own coding mystery.

Why Choose House of Learning for Scratch Programming?

  • Passionate Instructors: The Real Masters of Coding At House of Learning, our instructors are not just teachers; they are the gurus of coding, infusing passion and excitement into every class. Here’s why our instructors make us stand out:
  • Creative Coding Champions: Our teachers are not just well-versed in Scratch; they live and breathe creativity. They can turn coding classes into a wonderland where every student discovers their unique coding style.
  • Interactive Learning Adventures: Boredom is banished from our classes! Expect the unexpected as our educators turn learning into a thrilling adventure because they believe in hands-on learning, ensuring that every student actively participates in the coding heaven.
  • Curriculum that Sparks Curiosity! Our complete curriculum is a carefully designed masterpiece, outlined to spark curiosity and inspire innovation. Here’s a glimpse into the magical elements of our curriculum:
  • Project-Based Learning: Forget about boring assignments; through our scratch programming course in Lahore, our young innovators get a chance to dive into real-world projects from day one. They build their own games, share captivating stories, and create animations that leave your classmates in awe.
  • Collaborative Coding Wonderland: Coding is more fun with friends! Our curriculum encourages collaborative projects where students learn the magic of teamwork. Say goodbye to solo coding; at House of Learning, we create coding communities and inspire others to join.
  • Offering Magical Support: The Godfathers of Learning At HOL, our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the last code block. We’re the mentors of learning, ensuring you have all the support you need.
  • We Have More Paths To Track! HOL is pleased to provide professional certificates in a wide variety of fields, including IELTS, PTE, robotics, graphic design, WordPress, pay-per-click advertising, and much more!

Final Thoughts

Scratch Programming, at its core, is more than just a technical skill; it’s a wonderful journey into a wonderland where ideas come to life with the stroke of a key. Within the vibrant walls of the House of Learning, we foster an environment where creativity isn’t just encouraged; it’s celebrated. As you enter this coding escapade, we’ll be your companions, guiding you through the nitty-gritty of coding challenges and helping you discover the joy that lies in each line of code. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore the intricate world of coding. Here, we know that your coding journey isn’t just a sequence of commands; it’s a heroic tale waiting to unfold, and House of Learning is your guide on this epic quest.

In our realm in Lahore, we go beyond the conventional domains of coding education. We at HOL don’t just hire professional instructors; we have passionate cultivators on board with unquestioned coding talent. It’s not just about teaching lines of code; it’s about igniting a fervour for the art of coding within each student. When you enrol with us, you aren’t just entering a classroom; you’re stepping into an arena where coding adventures take centre stage. When you join our scratch programming course in Lahore, you become part of a community where every line of code is a stroke of genius, and every student is destined to become a coding champion.

The course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, with a total of 15 lectures. Each lecture typically lasts around 1-2 hours, depending on the pace of learning and the depth of discussion. It is recommended to allocate additional time for practice, exercises, and completing assignments outside of the lecture hours. This duration allows for a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of web development and provides enough time for hands-on practice and reinforcement of the learned material..

  • Lecture 1
    Pros of Learning Scratch
    History of Scratch
    Importance of using BLOCKY programming
    Various types of projects that can be created with Scratch
    Scratch account making
    How are Sprites different from Images
    Using sprites from Scratch Library
    Creating your own Sprites
    Blocky Programming versus Coding
    Block Categories in Scratch
    Remove background using
    Your 1st Scratch Project
    Adding movement in a sprite
    Adding Sounds to a sprite
    Recording and playing your own sound
    Changing Colours of the sprite
    Making a Sprite Speak
    Making a Sprite think
  • Lecture 2
    Stop block
    Wait block
    Forever block
    Repeating actions
    Broadcast block
    Conditional Statements
    Nested control statements
    Loops, their types and uses
    Sharing examples for better understanding
    Practice, practice, and practice
  • Lecture 3
    The basics of Art
    Draw colourful patterns and shapes
  • Lecture 4
    Using special effects in Scratch
  • Lecture 5
    Creating a greeting card
    Creating a birthday card
  • Lecture 6
    Jumping Game (with all the scoring and variables concepts)
    Moving the sprite for both a fixed time & forever
    Gliding the sprite in the game
    Changing costumes of the sprite
  • Lecture 7

    Adding Interactivity by:

    Adding 8 types of events by using separate keyboard buttons
    Adding buttons in the game that players can use and actually click for various activities
    Adding scores to the game you create
    Showing the end of the game at a specific score level
    Understanding popular Algorithms and Pseudo Coding and writing
    Pseudo codes yourself
    Understanding the concepts of Mathematics including
    4 operations
    Random numbers
    Comparing numbers
    Logics and arguments
    Variables and their creation and usage
    Uploading a GIF to demonstrate sprite costumes
    Exploring operators
  • Lecture 8

    Develop Maze Game

    Challenge your problem-solving skills with immersive maze gameplay!
    Navigate through intricate mazes and conquer the labyrinthine puzzles.
    Create and share your own custom mazes, sparking your creativity.
    Engaging visuals and captivating sound effects for an immersive experience.
    Fun and educational gaming for all ages, fostering critical thinking and logic.
    Join a vibrant community of maze enthusiasts, share your achievements, and collaborate with others.
    Discover the thrill of coding and game development with Scratch Maze Game!
  • Lecture 9
    Dive into action-packed gameplay with Scratch Shark Attack Game!
    Survive the treacherous depths by avoiding hungry sharks and collecting food.
    Experience thrilling underwater adventures with stunning visuals and immersive sound effects.
    Create your own unique shark levels and challenge your friends to beat your high score.
    Engage in educational gameplay that promotes quick thinking, reflexes, and strategic decision-making.
    Join a community of underwater explorers, share your achievements, and compete for the top spot on the leader board.
    Unleash your creativity and coding skills while having a fantastic time with Scratch Shark Attack Game!
  • Lecture 10
    Introduction to the Project assessment and testing of what you have learnt so far
  • Lecture 11

    Create the “Let's Catch the Apples” Game

    Introduction to the Project assessment and testing of what you have learnt so far
    Catch falling apples while avoiding obstacles, and aim for the highest score.
    Create your own customized levels with different challenges, keeping the fun fresh and engaging.
    Create your own customized levels with different challenges, keeping the fun fresh and engaging.
    Join a community of enthusiastic apple catchers, share your strategies, and compete for the top spot on the leader board.
    Experience the joy of coding and gaming with Scratch Apple Catching Game - it's apple-solutely addictive!
  • Lecture 12
    Business of Games
    Basics of AI
    Calculator project
    Assessment and test
    Assessment and test
  • Lecture 13

    Create and Play the “Flying Cat Game”

    Soar through the skies as a nimble ying cat, collecting coins and dodging obstacles in the thrilling Scratch Flying Cat Game!
    Harness your agility and precision to navigate challenging levels and achieve the highest score possible.
    Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world with vibrant colors and enchanting backgrounds.
    Unleash your creativity by designing your own unique flying cat and customizing the game with your favourite themes.
    Sharpen your reflexes and hand-eye coordination while having a purrfectly delightful time.
    Join a community of fellow flying cat enthusiasts, exchange tips and tricks, and compete for the title of top feline flyer.
    Embark on a whimsical coding adventure with the Scratch Flying Cat Game – it's a soaring sensation you won't want to miss!
  • Lecture 14
    Assign a mega Project to each student
  • Lecture 15
    Continue with assigned project
    Complete Project Display of all participants

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