SEO Writing & AI Assistance Masterclass 2.0
(Two-Days Masterclass)


Sana Yasin

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It’s time to elevate the efficiency of your Content creation team ten times more fold through House of Learning’s two-day SEO writing workshop

This exclusive workshop has been meticulously organised to educate the participants about the nitty-gritty of SEO Writing—a priceless asset for content writers and managers alike.


  • Proficiency in English language and grammar
  • Acquaintance with content writing and pertinent digital tools

Learning Outcomes / What You Will Learn

Upon finishing this course, you’ll have the capability to:

  • Master advanced content writing techniques
  • Cultivate a comprehension of diverse content formats (blogs, social media posts, web content)
  • Harness the enchantment of SEO to optimise your website, blog, articles, social media, and your brand’s digital presence
  • Initiate freelance writing on various platforms and be your own boss!

  • Workshop
    Search intent
    Targeted keyword research
    The NLP and why it matters
    Five stages of awareness
    Content creation for the different stages of awareness
    SEO checklist for your final content
    How to Build Storytelling into Articles
    AI-Backed Keyword Research
    AI content editor
    ChatGPT and What It Means for Content Writers
    Links, metas and CTAs
    Top SEO mistakes to avoid at all cost
    Must-have tools
  • Bonus
    How Keywords Work in Google Autocomplete
    Free & Paid Tools to know about
    Best Freelance Writing Sites: How to Approach Them
    The First Things You Need to Do After Publishing on WordPress
    What is Copywriting? Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Kick-Ass Cop
  • Who Should Take This Course?
    Website owners who wish to use their blog to attract traffic
    Online entrepreneurs who wish to understand how to use content writing to attract an audience
    Novice Digital marketers who know that content writing is a core skill, either to use themselves or to outsource
    Bloggers that want to improve their content creation should read this.
    Any writer who wants to learn how to improve their writing on the Internet, regardless of background leading to more income
    Content marketers looking to integrate a tested content development process into their overarching initiatives
    Absolute beginners who desire an A-Z guidebook for future use and more information on producing SEO content
    Those who want to start a content writing business or earn some extra money
    Anyone who is in charge of or owns a website
    Anyone whose employer has requested them to create an article or a series of articles

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Sana Yasin

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  • 2 Days (1.5 hours each)
  • Workshop

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